Saturday, 29 September 2012

Back to it on Grand Final Day!

Goal Posts

Firstly I would like to apologise for the lengthy delay in this post, and of course the lack of posts over the last 6 months. To those who know me personally, you will understand I have had other things that needed dealing with in my personal life. To those who don't, I greatly appreciate your patience - Thank you all.

My Australian readers will know that it is AFL Grand Final Day today. As I type this, the vast majority will most likely be watching the big game. Not me though, it has never really been my thing. So this seems as good a time as ever to get back to what is important to me - the Flywater Exposed project!

I know from what I have been told that some of you had been eagerly awaiting part 2 of The Perfect Camera System. It is in the works and will hopefully be coming quite soon. I started writing it quite recently, and then noticed that a number of interesting new full frame cameras have been announced. Since it will be a little while until I get full details about how good they actually are, I though it may be best to hold off until I can include them in the post. I have also decided to try and push Flywater Exposed further now that I am back. I will be talking to a few local camera stores and attempting to get my hands on some of these cameras for review, and so that I can give my personal views on what I like and dislike about them. To my mind this would be much more useful both to you and to myself than me simply reporting on what other people say about these cameras.

Thanks again for your patience. A number of new posts will be up over the coming weeks. 

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