Tuesday, 13 September 2011

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Involved

Getting involved means you will get to read more of what interest you. It's as simple as that! Not convinced, then read on.

1. By sharing your ideas,  there will be more content that interests you 
You can be certain that there is something of interest to you here if you share your ideas. It's simple, just email me or leave a message on our Facebook page, and let me know if there is something in particular that you are interested in seeing on this blog. All relevant ideas will be taken into consideration for future posts.

2. You can voice your opinion, or showcase your work
Have you considered writing a blog but don't have the time or motivation? Do you have something to tell or show fellow fly fishers, photographers and adventurers?

If so, then perhaps you might like to write a post - or even a series of posts which I can publish here. Send me an email with some ideas, and if I like what you have to say I will be happy to have you as a guest poster.

If you are an artist, or have a product that you think I might find useful, you may wish to send me a sample of your work for me to look at. It may become the subject of a future post, or even a review.

3. You may know something or someone that could make a difference 
Who knows, you may see something that I am missing. It could be as simple as informing me of an inspiring photographer who may well change the way I look at my subject while out in the field. Perhaps you know of a product that will solve a problem I discover along the way. Apart from my own research, I am hoping that you may be able fill in any gaps that I have left.

So go ahead and become a part of flywater exposed. If you are on Facebook, you can start by leaving some feedback on the prototype logo designs.

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