Monday, 12 September 2011

A Fly Fishing and Photographic Adventure

A Quick Introduction
My name is Adam Zappia, and apart from slowly working to get my photographic business off the ground, I spend most of my days in an office. Not the most inspiring place in the world. Thanks to fly fishing - I somehow manage to keep my sanity. Before I started office work, I had been assistant to photographer David Anderson . He is also a fly fisher, so after I finished working with him I decided that one day I would do as he has done and put my two passions together - just on a more extreme level.

A little bit of inspiration

What is Flywater Exposed All About?
Inspired by a number of fantastic people, publications, art, photographs and films, I have decided to plan an adventure. This will be no ordinary adventure though. I will be searching for one very unique location that is both rich in photographic and fly fishing opportunity. I am looking for that special place - somewhere that you may not have ever even heard of. Getting there will more than likely be challenging in itself. Once there, things might get even harder as there will likely be no guides, no equipment or supplies, and possibly no other people around at all. 

Planning a trip to somewhere that the average tourist cannot easily access involves a lot of research, so documenting it right here will hopefully be helpful to those of you lucky enough to carry out an adventure to an exotic location yourself. If you prefer to stick to more established destinations when you travel, there will still be plenty to keep you interested. 

Apart from hopefully uncovering a very special place to fly fish, the end goal after returning will be to put together a photographic exhibition from the many photographs I will  take while away. 

To keep things interesting, I will be trying out products and equipment from time to time too, and you might be surprised at some of the testing techniques used! As I am looking for this to be a creative endeavour, I will also feature photographic and art work of other mediums, and I will also do my best to get some insight from the artists where possible. Guests will be invited to submit posts at times, and l will also interview people from both the fly fishing and photographic communities. I will also seek out some experienced adventure travellers for some insight into what to expect when undertaking such a journey.

Be a Part of the Adventure
If you so choose, you can get involved in selecting the destination for the journey. For now, the destination will be known as flywater x. At times, I will call on readers of this blog to help me make some decisions, and I certainly encourage your input. You can do this either right here on the blog by leaving a comment on a post, on our Facebook page, or if you prefer - send an email.

As you can see, the blog is looking quite bland as of now, however I am looking into the design. I didn't want to rush into using any old template that can be found online. If you have any ideas about the design, please feel free to send them my way. Also, if you think you may have something to contribute or some ideas on what type of content you would find interesting, by all means contact me and let me know what you have in mind.

I hope you enjoy following my progress as you continue to read this blog, and hopefully you will be inspired to go in search of your own special piece of fly water. It's going to be a lot of fun!

Notes on the photo: A little bit of inspiration. The opened and signed book by Peter Morse is a great read for those wanting a good understanding of saltwater fly fishing. The fly sitting in the book is from  Stu's Fly Shop, it's world famous and is somewhere you should definitely visit if fishing in the South Island of New Zealand. I am currently using Canon digital SLR's and Lenses for the majority of my photographic work. I will be talking about some of the magazines in the background in future blog posts.

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