Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Fishing Wild

Journal of fishing travel
There are many fishing magazines available here in Australia, with only a fairly small number of them being dedicated to fly fishing. Many publications have the occasional article on, or at least mention fly fishing, but not enough to get the hardcore fly fisher excited. Fishing Wild is somewhere in between. Almost every article has at least a small amount of fly fishing content, with it being a strong feature in most others. However this is not the only attraction of what the creator of Fishing Wild, Col Roberts, has called the journal of fishing travel. An apt description, as the majority of the articles are about both unusual and/or beautiful  and often exotic places. The photography is also of a very high standard which means the focus of this great publication has a lot in common with the journey that I am planning. I certainly hope to make my photographs different from the majority that you will see in Fishing Wild as I have my own style, but I do find it inspiring - the journeys, the places, the images.

A great feature found at the end of most of the articles are the fact files. They give a range of information on the destination which can include: getting there, accommodation, what fishing tackle you need, activities available for the non fishing partner, and a big variety of other essential information for those who may wish to go there.

Apart from the great articles, there is a department in each issue called Photo Clinic which gives some good tips to help readers learn how to take better photos. Another department that appeared in older issues, Travel Doc was an interesting read regarding health issues such as diseases and medications relating to travel, all of which I will be re-reading during my planning. I am not sure if it is temporarily gone or if it will be missing from all future editions. I personally hope it is only temporary. The department I personally enjoy the most is Horror Travel Stories, it can be a real eye opener!

The pages of Fishing Wild are section sewn instead of being glued as in the earlier issues. Being the kind of magazine that many will collect, this is great news. In fact, calling it a magazine is almost an insult to Fishing Wild. It is a great read and I highly reccommend it to all adventurous anglers.

Fishing Wild is published  twice annually, in April and October. The current cover price is A$12.95. If you want to subscribe you can do so directly from their website. 

A couple of older issues from my collection

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