Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Slim Beauty

The Knot I Should Have Learned Long Ago
I had been happily joining two sections of line together using the double uni knot for a long time. It had proven strong, reliable, and worked extremely well when joining two lines of similar diameter. It also worked exceptionally well when joining lines of quite different diameters if a doubled section of the thinner line is used. This knot creates a bit of a bump between line sections, and for some time I had been hearing of a knot that made a neater connection between lines with  significantly different diameters. This knot is called the slim beauty. Unfortunately my first few attempts didn't work out. I used step by step words and images from a knot book and just couldn't get it. I gave up on it and had almost forgotten about it until last night when I read an article by Kaj "Bushy" Busch in South Australian Angler in which he mentioned the slim beauty. Tonight I decided I would learn this knot, and I did. I watched a couple of video tutorials and gave it a go. The video below, and this video on Midcurrent show clearly how it is done. It isn't as hard as I thought, and it makes a real neat connection that I will be using  a lot in the future. If you don't know this knot, give it a go!

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