Sunday, 16 October 2011

My Fly Art

"Permit Tailing on Crab Fly" - Pastels, Sharpie, and Pen.

As mentioned in the previous post, I have just recently decided to start drawing again. I may even eventually start painting.  It has been a long time since I have done anything more than just sketching in a notepad or on a scrap of paper though. Today I got out a heap of my old artwork and had a look at if tor the first time in a few years. My tastes certainly have changed since then, and I could also see how my work had changed over the years. Below are a few of the images that I saw today. I simply put them on my dining table and snapped away under the available tungsten lighting with my 17-40L on the Canon 7D. I white balanced them by eye, so they are not accurate but give a pretty good idea of how the drawings look. I am even thinking that producing a few drawings from Flywater X might be a cool way to supplement all the photos that will be taken. 

These drawings are all for sale, and profits will be put towards equipment purchases and travel costs for the Flywater Exposed project. For details and pricing, please email me.

Firstly, here are some crops of the above drawing.

 Crop from "Permit Tailing on Crab Fly"

 Extreme crop from "Permit Tailing on Crab Fly" (Larger than actual drawing)

Another extreme crop from "Permit Tailing on Crab Fly" (Larger than actual drawing)

This fly image below is similar to the new drawings I am about to start working on. They are relatively small and will be very reasonably priced for original artworks. No prints will be produced, so you can be assured of getting something that no one else has on their wall. Each will be hand signed.

 "Parachute Hackled Dry Fly" - pastels and pen

This last drawing is different to what I usually do. It is quite abstract compared to my other work, but for some reason I like it.

 "Vertical Brown Taking Dry" - pastels

 I have not shown any of my colour pencil drawings here yet, but in the past they were one of my favourite things to use. I also quite enjoy using lead (graphite) pencils to produce monochrome drawings. I am sure at a later date, some of my new drawings using both of these materials will show up on Flywater Exposed somewhere. Keep an eye out for them!

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