Wednesday, 18 January 2012

FWE Favourites - Confluence Films

The guys at Confluence Films must certainly know a thing or two about planning a fly fishing trip. Over the last few years they have visited, fly fished, and filmed in a heap of exotic or just plain exciting destinations. I purchased a copy of their first film "Drift" early in 2009, and it still remains my favourite fly fishing film. That being said, I am yet to see their two newer offerings - "Rise" and "Connect". I am hoping that will change soon, as I plan on adding both of them to my collection as soon as I can. I am especially excited to see that "Connect" is available on Blu Ray.

"Drift" was definitely a part of the inspiration behind Flywater Exposed. The fact that Confluence Films use film rather than still photography as their medium does not matter. They still provide an absolute feast for the eyes with superb camera work. The stories are fantastic too, and the music works so well with the footage. In particular I loved two songs from Drift "Run River" by Jon Swift which I now have on my iPhone, and the song Charlie Smith sings while playing his banjo on the dock.

Do yourself a favour, and at least check out the trailers and order one or perhaps all three films for yourself at

To keep up to date with what the Confluence Film team are doing, don't forget to like their Facebook page.

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