Friday, 13 January 2012


After my recent post about how easy it is to get distracted while researching, I thought it would be worth taking a day to re-evaluate how I go about the process of selectiong Flywater X. After Ascension Island, there will be no more detailed research on any locations until they have been narrowed down, as there are a massive number of areas in each region and to research each in detail could take a lifetime in itself.
So, how will I approach it?

Firstly I will be looking for areas that look interesting on a map. I will then check that there are no major safety concerns (war zones, piracy, aggressive natives). At that point they will go on a list with all the other places in the region that look promising.

I plan on working out a rating system over the next week to help me quickly discount some areas, while leaving others that appear to have more potential to move onto the next stage.

Those that are highly rated will then be checked for accessibilty. As long as there is a viable way in, I will try and find out about the areas fish stocks. I will need to know if there any worthwhile target species, and if the area is subjected to any major fishing pressure. If things are still looking good, i will then take a more detailed look into the actual fly fishing opportunities as well as looking into the landscape, buildings and people from a photographic perspective.

At that point it is time to work out how to narrow the list right down to a "regional final 3" Those will be researched in depth and put up for consideration against the final 3 from each of the other regions. 

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