Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Ooh, Something Shiny!

Distractions and Detours
Once may be a mistake and twice may be a coincidence, but I have a feeling that there will be a third time - perhaps more. I bet you are wondering what I am talking about, don't you?

Well, when researching it is easy to branch off in another direction. On a fairly open project like Flywater Exposed, it is easy to be looking at the fishing and photographic opportunities somewhere, and suddenly be distracted by something interesting that ends up taking you down the scenic route, so to speak.

The first time I made this "mistake" was when researching an island a few years ago. I will be revisiting this particular island later on Flywater Exposed, so I won't go into too much detail. What I will say is that pirates were a concern in the area, and I somehow seemed to be spending just as much time researching modern day piracy as I did looking into that island and it's potential.

I noticed another such occurrence today. It stemmed from yesterday's post, where I noted that I certainly would not be adding number 1 on the linked list as a possible Flywater X. If you looked at the list, you would most likely understand why I decided immediately that it was off limits. Still, there I went again, getting off track from the goal of finding a remote destination to fly fish and photograph. Knowing that almost certain death would result from going there, I still felt the need to take a turn off for a moment and look into it further. I have found a number of links that relate to that particular island from the list, and from people living a similar lifestyle elsewhere already. I may even share some of this new found information in a future post. Anyway, what I am saying is that it is easy to get distracted from a goal when researching. It has happened to me twice already with this project, and I am sure that this is no coincidence. It will definitely happen again.

Despite the inevitable delays to the final goal, I think it adds richness to the whole experience. I hope you will enjoy the occasional posts that result from this wayward research. 

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