Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Nikon D4

Another Flywater Exposed Camera Contender
Nikon recently made an official announcement of it's new flagship camera, the 16.2MP full frame D4. Like the new Canon 1D-X, it is quite moderate in resolution (by todays standards), and to many the D4 looks like a fairly minor upgrade to the D3s. The approximately 2MP difference between the new Nikon and Canon models is so minor it isn't something I would consider if trying to choose between these cameras.What has me interested is the post by Joe McNally mentioning one thing that I feel has let Nikon down on it's past digital SLR's - skin tones. Joe seems most impressed and I must admit that his examples look pretty good. 

Of course Nikon has made some big improvements to the video, however this is not something that is important to me. I won't go into any of the technical details as these can be found at the Nikon website. As a Canon user I don't know as many details about Nikon gear, but once the D4 is shipping I will definitely keep an eye out for more details and reviews, and perhaps even test one for myself. I'm no fan boy or brand snob,  so the best camera for the job will be the one to come on the adventure. I am assuming Nikon will also release a higher resolution D4X at some point to replace the current 24.5MP D3X. If that is the case, I will give that camera some serious consideration too.

I have a post coming up soon going into detail about what is required in a camera for Flywater Exposed, and what the best camera for the job might be. Stay tuned.

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